Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Concept Of Green Bathroom

Green Bathroom
green bathroom

The concept of green bathroom

. Is to design a bathroom that has a concept of green color. So if we go to the bathroom, the impression of a green color that we feel in comparison with other colors in the green bathroom.
The green color giving the impression of youth, so that when we shower we can feel a new aura, and we can feel the freshness. Because sometimes we are too many thoughts, many task or job, stress and others that we want peace, comfort, freshness back and usually with a bath we can feel the freshness. to the green bathroom is very suitable to apply.
On green bathrooms, green color should not be too much for all, no need all the walls and bathroom fixtures are green. We can combine with other colors that look more beautiful. But still the impression of green should be more pronounced on green bathrooms.
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