Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2012 Interior Design and Decorating Trends For the Home

2012 Interior and Decorating Trends For the Home. As we enter in 2012, many of us our updating our lives, so why not update our homes as well. A fresh look in your home can boost confidence and put you in a better mood. Whether you’re designing your home completely, fixing up a particular room, or simply redecorating. Look below for the best trends to follow in your home for 2012.

Bold Colors – Reds, Greens Oranges, Yellows Etc

Bold colors around the home whether it’s a pillow or decorative accent or simply a wall color, bright hues are being used this year to boost up are moods.

1920′s Inspired Looks

Play around with a retro fill to your home by buying retro 20′s inspired pieces or actual vintage pieces from that era. Couch’s, chairs, and artwork all help to create a retro vibe.

Large Mirrors

Mirrors are growing larger this year and they’re perfecting for opening up a room and helping it to appear larger than what it is.

White Furniture and White Accents

Just like in fashion, white furniture and white wooden accents are growing in popularity. White items are being used around the home to create a lighter more open space.

Rooms Inspired By Nature

Create a room that reminds you of worldly elements such as blue walls equal blue skies, or green walls reminding your of grass and trees.

Oval and Round Mirrors

Update your home by simply adding oval and round mirrors instead of the traditional squares.